What to Know About Emergency Tree Removal

emergency tree removal

What to Know About Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree services are needed in many situations such as storms, fire and falling trees. If you have a large tree that needs to be removed you should find a good emergency tree removal service near you. You should always hire an emergency tree removal service that has a lot of experience in removing trees. Emergency tree removal costs can vary from one company to another. The price of emergency tree removal also depends on the time of day and year that the tree needs to be removed.

Common Emergencies

The most common reason for emergency tree removal is the accidental dropping of large branches or trees. Sometimes they fall on power lines and this could result in extensive damage. This could lead to a lot of injuries and even death. In this case, it would be wise to call a professional to remove the fallen tree. Many types of limbs could cause life-threatening situations and fall on these limbs without a professional’s care could cause severe injuries or death.

Trees that fall onto power lines are very dangerous. Depending on the size of the tree and the weight of the branch, this could result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home or other property. It is very important to remove a fallen tree quickly before more damage occurs. The cost can depend on the amount of damage that the branch or twig is causing based on the area of the country that the fallen tree falls. The costs of emergency tree removal will depend on the severity of the damage and if the homeowner has any insurance coverage for the cost.


Many different things contribute to the cost of emergency tree removal. These include the cost of the ladder that is used to remove the tree. It will also depend on the type of ladder. Different branches could break off from the main stem and need to be removed without a lot of difficulties. Depending on how big the branch is and how much the homeowner is paying for the service, the cost factors for this service can be extreme.

emergency tree removal

Not all homes have adequate insurance coverage to cover the cost of an emergency tree removal. If the home is not covered, there are other ways that the cost of the service can be covered. Many times the homeowner will take out a policy that allows them to collect on a claim. The policy can cover all or a part of the cost of emergency services. If the damage is not due to a tree then there may be other possibilities that will allow the cost of the emergency services to be covered. The policy can also provide for replacement cost coverage if the home is destroyed by the storm or other reasons.

Factors That Affect Cost

Many factors will influence the cost of removing a large tree. Most of the costs will come from the cost to hire a professional to remove it. There are several ways that a service can help reduce the cost to the homeowner. The first thing that can be done is cutting down the size of the tree by removing some of the deadwood and growing more replacement trees. Some trees can be cut down to 80 feet in height.

Determining the total circumference of the tree is very important. If the circumference is greater than a few hundred feet, then the cost could be much higher. The next factor to consider is the width of the tree. The larger the diameter of the tree, the less expensive it will be to remove it. A rule of thumb is to get the diameter of the tree’s root ball to determine the cost per foot.

The cost to remove trees can be quite high depending on the tree and the circumstances. If there is a tree that is threatening electrical lines, then it could be dangerous to remove it without having it cut down to a certain size. One option is to have the electrical lines cut out so that they will not affect your home. Another way to save money is to choose smaller trees that do not grow very tall. A pine tree for example can be removed easily with no trouble.


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