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How Effective Is Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping is the process of removing large branches without damaging the tree or its surroundings. You can choose tree lopping services if you want your project to be completed quickly and without any damage to your property, plants or the ground. Tree removal companies usually use high-powered equipment for these jobs. 

Hiring Tips

Tree removal and tree lopping are not easy tasks. It requires a lot of preparation on the part of the people doing the cutting. This is where tree lopping Brisbane companies come into the picture. They are well-equipped with the necessary equipment and know-how to tackle tree problems in the most professional manner. If you are planning to cut down a tree, then you might as well hire a tree lopping company. Here’s how you can cut your costs down.

Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping is a service that requires specialized training and experience. Therefore, some arborists might not be able to perform it safely. Tree-cutting and pruning are very sensitive procedures that involve a great deal of know-how. An arborist must be knowledgeable about the health of different types of trees, about the diseases of trees, and must be experienced in the handling of hazardous situations such as power outages and fires.

  • Choose the right company. You don’t want to end up with broken limbs or felled trees if you hired the wrong firm. The number of trees you need to prune can vary depending on how much space you have. For smaller jobs, you can cut smaller branches. But for larger tree lopping jobs, you might need to trim the whole tree.
  • Calculate the tree lopping cost. The average cost is lower than the actual cost for removing tree stumps because of several factors. For instance, the tree lopping cost doesn’t include pruning, cutting the tree or moving it to another site.
  • Know the rules. Different arborists have different rules regarding tree lopping costs. Some charge extra for one hour and some charge extra for tree lopping services per tree. Some charge according to the tree’s height while others base their cost on the area they are working in.
  • Be specific. When you call a company to remove your trees, let them know what type of tree lopping services you need and how many trees you need to have removed. This will help them estimate the total cost of services. 


It is a fact that a tree lopper must be expertly trained. This is because it is one service where there is no substitute for experience. Long-term pruning could cause severe damage and long-term injury if the arborist is not skilled enough to operate safely. To prevent this, arborists are required to undergo long-term training in this specialty. In addition, the arborist must also undergo a background check to make sure that he or she has no criminal record that could pose a threat to people and property.

Other Services

There are different types of tree services that an arborist may need to perform. One of the most important tree services that they can provide would be tree removal. Tree removal is necessary to keep a part of your landscape in good condition especially during construction and other major reconstructions. Tree removal entails the removal of dead, broken or damaged branches. You may also need to remove long-standing branches that are creating a danger by interfering with sidewalks, driveways or other public areas.

Tree Lopping

Tree felling and pruning are the other two types of tree services that an arborist can provide. Tree felling involves the removal of trees that are in danger of falling because of tree damage, pests or disease. If trees are pruned too much, they will grow back even bigger than before. Some homeowners are afraid to let their trees grow because of their potential size. Tree pruning, on the other hand, involves cutting down trees whose branches are encroaching on a neighbour’s property. Tree lopping can also be performed to control the growth of shrubs that are too big for your property.

Extra Requirements

When estimating the cost of tree lopping, it is important to remember that it all depends on how long it will take you to completely remove the trees. There are also instances where tree lopping is required but the company won’t need to use heavy-duty equipment to remove the trees located on small private land. In such cases, they will send their workers on a backup job using lightweight equipment. The workers using this equipment will be equipped with basic safety gear such as steel-capped boots and thick, insulated gloves.